AmrishAn architect by profession, Amrish has over a decade of experience in his professional field.

A graduate of the prestigious Sir JJ School of Architecture from Mumbai he has a keen eye for detailing out beautiful and aesthetical designs in his profession. His paintings are a natural extension of his creativity which has now spilled on to the canvas. Having a natural inclination towards the fine arts he excelled in his use of colours across various medium from a very young age. What will catch your eye about his paintings are an unusual mix of colours and medium that he tends to experiment with. Watercolors, Ink, oil paints, sketching and acrylic are all part of the extensive palette of expressions that he experiments with.

He has been painting on large canvases for Eight years and is now showcasing a select few with at his first showcase. Amrish’s flair for bold colours is very prominent in his selection.

As Amrish puts it, “Each painting connects with you through your own has personal reflections. The idea is to enjoy the pure visual beauty of different shades of colours and combinations. I want people to immerse in the visual treat that is put together with the different mix of colours that reflect and celebrate different shades of life.”
The collection according to Amrish is the simplest form of art that can be enjoyed by everyone. As an architect, he often came across people who wanted to add just a little bit more to their walls but did not know how and what to choose. He adds, “A painting doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult for you to be able to appreciate it. It should add to the beauty and aesthetic value of your house and should be pleasing to your senses. My paintings offer that one dramatic touch to your home. You need to just enjoy the elements and colours without having to overly complicate it.”